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Junttan PM 16 and PM 25 Pile Driving Rigs Arriving Soon

Hammer & Steel, Inc. will soon receive new Junttan PM 16 and PM 25 pile driving rigs.  The rigs will be available for sale, rent and long term rent to own.

Junttan PM 16 Pile Driving Rig  Hammer & Steel, Inc. sells and rents Junttan PM 16 piling rigs.
This compact and agile Junttan piling rig has the same proven features as the heavier Junttan machines. The rig has proven productivity due to excellent mobility, easy and fast handling of piles and top pile driving performance with Junttan hydraulic hammers. The self-erecting leader and many advanced technical features ensure that the rig is ready to work in just a few minutes. The expandable tracks and low center of gravity make the rig exceptionally stable in different working situations. The horizontal movement of the leader ensures fast spotting of the pile. Because of the lightweight construction and compact size, the rig can be easily transported to a new working site.

Junttan PM 25 Pile Driving RigHammer & Steel, Inc. sells and rents Junttan PM 25 pile driving equipment
Junttan PM 25 opens an entirely new era in piling. Based on the unsurpassed features Junttan piling rigs have become famous for, it efficiently combines modern manufacturing technologies and materials for further enhanced reliability, versatility and performance. Providing substantial improvements for overall rig operation, control and maintenance, it enables more convenient, efficient and profitable rig ownership than ever before.  

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To download a Junttan Pile Driving Rig brochure, please visit our  Brochure Downloads Page. 

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