ABI MOBILRAM - Systems Install Earthquake Drains

The contractor Ellington Cross has chosen Hammer & Steel Inc., ABI’s sales and service partner in the U.S., as a supplier of piling equipment for the Charleston County, South Carolina (SC) School Districts project.

ABI Mobilram Piling EquipmentTwo MOBILRAM-Systems TM 13/16 SL installing earthquake drains

ABI MOBILRAM Pile Driving EquipmentIn detail - the prove and pre-fabricated drains behind

ABI MOBILRAM pile driving equipmentNew generation telescopic leader mast TM 17 with MRZV 28 VV vibrator and mandrel

Ellington Cross is a geotechnical contractor specializing in the design and construction of ground improvement systems, specifically liquefaction mitigation systems. Currently Ellington Cross has three ABI MOBILRAM Systems installing earth quake drains in Mount Pleasant (SC) for new construction of a junior high and elementary school. The three rigs consist of two TM 13/16 SL and the all new TM 17.

Earthquake drains are high flow capacity synthetic vertical drains installed with a vibrating mandrel (vibroprobe)into loose soils and sands. The vibratory installation densifies the soils (“pre-earthquakes” the site) while the drain provides a path for the rapid dissipation of earthquake generated pore pressures. This combination of drainage and densification is the most conservative approach to liquefaction mitigation.

Current production with one rig operating with 10,5 - 13,7 m (35 - 45 ft) lengths per 8 hours day is roughly 180-200 drains per day.

Reference:  ABI Gruppe NEWS Nr. 1/2014

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