N3 Basin Storm Drain Pump Station – Stockton, CA

The Design/Build Cofferdam constructed is needed for the GC to build a new storm drain pump station for the Opus Logistics Center on Arch Road in Stockton.

The pump station will consist of a sump and inlet structure roughly 40’ deep. The cofferdam is 50’x37.5’x60’ deep. The 45’ and 20’ sheets were used on the southside of the wall where a new 42” RCP will connect the new pump station and inlet structure.

Along with the sheet piles, we also installed 3 levels of walers and pipe struts. The challenge on the project was the differing site conditions that were encountered when vibrating the sheets. In order to get the sheet piles down, we used both vibratory and diesel impact hammers. S&G is to pull the shoring system once the pump station has been constructed.

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