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Our diverse line of pile driving and drilling equipment has been carefully assembled from the most reputable manufacturers in the world in order to offer the best products available.

ABI, ABI Mobilram, ABI-Mobilrams ABI

Having manufactured over 1,100 systems for use on construction projects around the world, the German based ABI has earned a reputation for developing advanced and environmentally-friendly solutions for shoring and subterranean construction work while its innovative Mobilram revolutionized the whole field of inner-city trench construction.

Comacchio, comacchio drilling, comacchio drilling rigs Comacchio

In 1986, driven by a strong passion and by the determination to transform ideas into tangible reality, Comacchio took on the challenge that would bring them to hold a prominent position, worldwide, in the drilling market.

ABI, abi mobilram, abi drilling rig, abi piling rig Dawson

Dawson's unique combination of contracting experience blended with mechanical engineering originality and know-how has resulted in a range of truly innovative, highly productive and inherently safe pile driving accessories.

Delmag Delmag

Since introducing the combustion driver pile hammer in the late 1930's, the Delmag name has become synonymous with high performance and ruggedly reliable equipment. Now the world-leading manufacturer of diesel pile hammers, Delmag has also developed a reputation for its powerful line of hydraulic drilling rigs.

Eurodrill Eurodrill

Founded in 1995, Eurodrill offers drilling systems not only for all kinds of crawler drill rigs but also for custom made applications.

Hammer Steel Hammer Steel

The Hammer & Steel brand of vibratory pile driver/extractor systems is based on our management team's 100+ years of pile driving experience. Manufactured to our specifications, these systems work in a wide variety of applications and come in sizes to handle almost any job.

Muller Muller

The Müller H-Series and HFV-Series vibratory hammer equipment are extremely reliable and durable and can be used for a wide range of applications.


Hammer & Steel, Inc. sells and leases and extensive line of PTC vibratory hammers for piling equipment.


A new face in the U.S. construction equipment market, PVE introduced their line of high horsepower, vibratory pile driver/extractor systems to the US in 1999 and quickly earned the reputation that they have long enjoyed around the world for building machines that get the job done reliably even in the toughest driving conditions.

Scheltzke Scheltzke

STS Scheltzke is a specialist manufacturer of equipment for civil engineering in the areas of grout mixing/pumping. Common applications for this equipment include soil nails, tie-backs, soil mixing, jet grouting, grout compaction, vertical tie downs and injection grouting.


Based in Italy, SIP&T is a leading supplier specializing in the construction of kelly bars, drilling tools and accessories that are designed to be used in conjunction with drilling and piling rigs across many suppliers.

SoilTek SoilTek

Hammer & Steel sells and leases Soiltek S60 hydraulic piling rig equipment in the drilling and small diameter piling fields, including restricted access work.

6 North America Locations

Our service and support staff, located in seven regional offices throughout North America, will analyze the details of your requirements to ensure we have the right equipment for your job. We sell, rent, and service high quality equipment from all around the world, including pile drivers, drilling rigs, impact hammers, pile products, and much more.

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