ABI Vibratory Hammer and Steel Sheet Piles Used at Unique Inside Job Site

Hammer & Steel supplied, on a rental basis, 112 pieces of PZC 18 steel sheet pile in 12'-15' lengths and rented an ABI HVR 85 excavator mounted Vibratory Hammer to construct a 96' X 21' X 96' "U" shaped cofferdam inside Mechanic Dynamics and Analysis mechanic shop. They needed to construct a new concrete foundation for a 90-ton Lathe that had to be in place by September.

Mechanical Dynamics and Analysis is a steam turbine, combustion turbine and generator service company. They provide engineering and technical expertise, component repair, parts and supervised craft labor to support the needs of the power generation industry.

In addition to the piling and hammer, Hammer & Steel also supplied 70 tons of H-pile ranging from 10" X 42" to 14" X 89" along with H-pile splicers and a Dawson HPH 1800 Hydraulic Impact hammer to drive the H-pile. Mechanical Dynamics and Analysis used a large overhead crane to hoist the hammer on the pile and hold the hammer in place while it impacted the piling.

This was a unique job because it is very unusual to work inside with piling. The restricted height and tight working conditions don't allow normal pile driving practices.

ABI Excavator Mounted Vibratory Hammer

Steel Sheet Piles

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