ABI Mobilram Used to Complete Shoring and Foundation Project

Helical Drilling has been busy with some interesting projects utilizing ABI Mobilrams in the New England area for some time, and this past year has been no exception.   One such example is some ongoing work in Winchester, MA. The project includes shoring and foundation for a small residential condominium known as the Elmwood Ave project.

The foundation production includes:

  • Secant wall of 122 cells.  The cells are 22" diameter x 21' deep with 4" overlaps.  The secondary cells are fortified with W10 x 33 beams.
  • Stepped soldier beam and lagging wall used HP 12 x 53 ... 25' & 30' long.
  • SSP shoring used a cold rolled SKZ-20 x 25' long.  18 permanent sheets were driven one at a time ... no pairs.

The ABI Mobilram TM 14/17V with VDW 8360 double-head performed the secant wall work. However, there were last minute modifications to the remainder of the foundation work after that machine was already moved to another location. So, although the 17V could have easily performed the entire job, including driving the HP and SSP, the TM13/16SL with MRZV 20VV was available and was moved in to complete the work.

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