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New Lightweight Lead Sections Save Time and Money

hammer steel fec st-75 lightweight lead section"We're always on the lookout for good products," said Joe Dittmeier, president of Hammer & Steel. "Particularly products that will save our customers time and money." Recognizing those qualities in the pile driving leads and accessories made by Dover, Ohio-based F.E.C. (Foundation Equipment Corp.), Hammer & Steel recently purchased their business, moving it to St. Louis.

The first product featured is the ST-75 pile driving lead section - a perfect match for the lighter Delmag D12-42 and D19-42 hammers.

Lightweight and Strong

The ST-75 offers a lightweight and strong profile. In fact, sheet piling sections or other larger piling sections, which do not fit within conventional "U" style leads, can be driven with the ST-75 leads. This lightweight section allows contractors to work with smaller cranes.

Fast Assembly

The ST-75 lead section utilizes a unique, patented four-pin connector, as opposed to having a bolted connection at each joint. That results in a faster field assembly, saving time on the job.

Full Product Line

Stating that he was pleased to announce the addition of F.E.C. products to Hammer & Steel's equipment line, Dittmeier added, "The full product line will consist of heavier lead sections; fixed lead assemblies, including the F.E.C. vertical travel system; and hammer drive caps. Hammer & Steel is also planning to offer the four-pin connector with its conventional U-style lead sections in the future."

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