Keyes Construction Excels in Altus Reservoir Pier Project with ABI Machinery

Keyes Construction overcomes challenging clay and shale conditions using ABI machinery to efficiently predrill and drive sheet piling for a fishing pier project at Altus Reservoir.


abi mobilram tm 14/17v


Start Date: Dec. 7, 2023

Project: Installing a fishing pier at the Altus Reservior, Atlus, OK

Contractor: Jim Cooley Construction (Primes), Keyes Construction (Sub)

Machinery: ABI TM 14/17V w/MRZV 20VV vibro and MDBA 7000-2 Rotary w/40’ string of CFA

Procedure: Predrilling and pile driving for installation of sheet pile wall

Challenges: Sticky clays and weathered shale layer made for difficult driving conditions

The Project

Keyes Construction, as a sub-contractor to Jim Cooley Construction, is using the ABI TM 14/17V with an ABI MDBA 7000-2 to predrill through sticky clays and a layer of shale before driving 30’ long PZC-17 with the ABI MRZV 20VV Vibratory Hammer. Prior to predrilling they were hitting refusal between 4’ and 6’ of embedment, after predrilling they were able to drive their sheets past their desired 18’ of embedment before hitting refusal. In 3 days of production after receiving operator training from our technicians they’ve predrilled over 200 wall feet and driven over 70 wall feet of sheet piling.




"This machine is 100% better than anything I’ve ever run before. Totally impressed."

Dino Keyes, owner of Keyes Construction and rig operator, said when asked how it compares to how he’s driven sheet piling in the past.

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