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ABI Mobilrams Work Through Challenges for Utility Project in California

ARB Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Primoris, is working around the clock to complete work on a gas pipeline in Fremont, California. Two ABI Mobilram TM 13/16s with MRZV vibratory attachments are currently being utilized, one rented by Hammer & Steel, the other owned by ARB, to install a sheet pile wall consisting of PZC 13 and PZC 18. The work was commissioned by Pacific Gas and Electric and upon completion the pipeline will be roughly 9,400 ft. in length.

Several details have made this shoring job more difficult than a typical project. Numerous obstructions from various other utilities in the area have created the requirement for small sections to be driven (as opposed to one continuous wall) at various times. Piles are also being driven below grade, so that a beam can rest on top of them on either side of the trench. This allowed crews to install a road plate to allow traffic to move through the area during daylight hours.

The two machines are operating simultaneously in a limited space, making maneuvering and feeding sheets a challenge. The distance between the two walls is 5 ft., with the trench extending out to 9 ft. where welding of the pipe is taking place. As an additional headache, the rigs are required to set up and demobilize every night, which limits production levels to about 80 sheets per night.

“We have already worked on this project with the ABI rigs for one month, and it will take at least a further six months of night work to complete it, ” said Dominic, the construction superintendent of ARB for this project. Traffic, street width and soil conditions are always significant factors, which make it more difficult to complete the work in a shorter time frame. However, given the rigs and techniques chosen to complete the work, ARB is on schedule to complete the project in a timely fashion.

ABI Mobilram

ABI Mobilram

ABI Mobilram

ABI Mobilram

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