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Comacchio MC Line Drilling Rigs

Hammer & Steel sells, rents, and services Comacchio MC Line of hydraulic drilling rigs that are ideal for projects including ground consolidation, anchor drilling, geotechnical works, geothermal energy, and water well drilling.

Comacchio MC 4D Drill Rigs, Comacchio MC 4D Drill Rig, Comacchio MC 4D Drilling Rigs MC 4D Drilling Rig

This durable and rugged hydraulic drill rig is designed to work in confined, low-overhead spaces as well as inside buildings, tunnels, and basements.

Comacchio MC 8D Drill Rig, Comacchio MC 8D Drill Rigs, Comacchio MC 8D Drilling Rig MC 8D Drilling Rig

The MC 8D is ideal for small and medium drilling projects such as foundation works in narrow areas and difficult to access spaces.

Comacchio MC 12 Drilling Rig, Comacchio MC 12 Drilling Rigs, Comacchio MC 12 Drill Rig MC 12 Drilling Rig

A versatile and powerful drilling rig machine which specializes in civil engineering projects including micropiles, core drilling, anchors, and ground consolidations.

Comacchio MC 14 Drilling Rig, Comacchio MC 14 Drilling Rigs, Comacchio MC 14 Drill Rig MC 14 Drilling Rig

This high performance drill rig consists of a very powerful engine and can utilize a wide range of rotary heads, hydraulic drifters, and double head systems. The rugged and durable equipment is compact in size which allows for operation in confined spaces.

Comacchio MC 20 Drilling Rig, Comacchio MC 20 Drilling Rigs, Comacchio MC 20 Drill Rig MC 20 Drilling Rig

The MC 20 is a high performance drill rig that can tackle tough working conditions. This machine can accommodate a wide range of rotary heads, hydraulic hammers and double head systems.

Comacchio MC 22 Drilling Rig, Comacchio MC 22 Drilling Rigs, Comacchio MC 22 Drill Rig MC 22 Drilling Rig

This was the first drilling rig designed with Comacchio's innovative mast articulation system. The MC 22 drill rig is available with a wide selection of rotary heads, hydraulic hammers, double head systems, water and  mud pumps, winches and rod carousels.

Comacchio MC 28 Drilling Rig, Comacchio MC 28 Drilling Rigs, Comacchio MC 28 Drill Rig MC 28 Drilling Rig

Known for being the heavy duty version of the MC22 machine, the MC 28 drill rig is ideal for taking on heavy works even when space is limited. Due to the innovative mast articulation system, the machine can be used for projects including micropiles, anchors, jet grouting, drainages, soil nailing, and much more.

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MC Line Drilling RigsLearn more about the Comacchio MC Line Drilling Rigs.

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