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Comacchio MC 8D Drilling Rigs

Comacchio MC Line - The basic line of multiuse rigid and articulated hydraulic crawler drill rigs which are suitable for several types of specialized works, such as ground consolidation, anchor drilling, geotechnical works, water well drilling and geothermal energy.

The MC 8D represents an innovation in the field of hydraulic crawler mounted drilling rigs for small and medium drilling. The small dimensions and the great variety of articulations that characterize the equipment make it the perfect solution for foundation works in narrow spaces and difficult access areas.

Torque 7,000 / 17,000 lb. ft.
Speed 60 / 140 r.p.m.
Feed stroke 37 / 142 in.
Feed force 13,488 lb.
Retract force 13,488 lb.
Engine power 96.8 h.p.
Weight 16,500 / 18,500 lb.

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