Comacchio MC 28 HD Drilling Rigs

Developed as the heavy duty version of the MC 28, the MC 28 HD is a very compact and powerful drill rig. It is the ultimate solution to take heavy works such as large diameter drilling using double head systems.

Its reinforced variable width undercarriage guarantees the necessary stability during operation, while the innovative mast articulation system supports an infinite number of vertical through to horizontal mast positions for the construction of micropiles and anchors, including front-the-wall positions. Available with a wide selection of rotary heads, hydraulic hammers, double head systems, water/mud pumps and winches. The MC 28 HD is suitable for any type of rotary and rotary-percussive drilling.

Engine Power 302 HP
Max Width 8.2 - 11.2 ft
Weight 63,900 - 66,100 lbs
Mast Feed 23 - 33.4 ft
Feed Force 31,473 lbs
Retract Force 31,473 lbs
Rotary Torque 17,701 - 40,565 lb*ft
Rotary Speed Range 48 - 210 rpm
Clamp Range 1.8 - 20.9 in

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