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Drill Rigs/Drilling Rig Equipment

Hammer & Steel offers daily, weekly, and monthly rentals of many of the industries most respected lines of deep foundation drilling rig equipment. The different brands of rugged and dependable drill rigs we offer are ideal for applications including pile foundation drilling, dwell drilling, ground release drilling, and much more.

ABI Mobilram, ground release drilling, dwell drilling, pile foundation drilling ABI Mobilram

This multi-purpose rig can be outfitted with a CFA Drill Head ideal for applications like ground release drilling, dwell drilling, or pile foundation drilling or a Dual Auger Casing Drive for drilling operations that are directly against adjacent structures or soil mix applications.

ABI GeoDrill Excavator Mounted Drilling Attachment, Excavator Mounted Drilling Attachment, Excavator Mounted Drilling Attachments ABI GeoDrill

GeoDrill is an excavator mounted drilling mast, especially designed for working under limited headroom conditions.

Comacchio Pile Drilling Rig, Pile Drilling Rig, Pile Drilling Rigs Comacchio Pile Drilling Rig

The rugged and dependable Comacchio CH 450 drilling rig is self-erecting and can be transported as one piece with the kelly mounted. This machine is an ideal solution for projects that require fast operating time.

Delmag Drill Rigs, drill rig, drilling rigs, drill rigs Delmag Drill Rigs

The Delmag line of high production hydraulic drill rigs feature heavy-duty cat carriers with impressive torque and crowd capabilities designed for hard drilling conditions and large diameter applications.

SoilTek Drill Rigs, drill rig, drilling rigs, drill rigs SoilTek Drill Rigs

SoilTek drilling rigs offer solutions to all requirements in the drilling and small diameter piling fields, including restricted access work.

6 North America Locations

Our service and support staff, located in seven regional offices throughout North America, will analyze the details of your requirements to ensure we have the right equipment for your job. We sell, rent, and service high quality equipment from all around the world, including pile drivers, drilling rigs, impact hammers, pile products, and much more.

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