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Comacchio CH Line

Comacchio CH 450 Drilling Rig, Comacchio CH 450 Drilling Rigs, Comacchio CH 450 Drill Rig

Hammer & Steel sells, rents, and services the Comacchio CH 450 and CH 650 drilling rigs that are designed to cover a wide range of processes including bored piles with kelly bars, continuous flight auger (CFA), micro-piles, displacement piles and soil mixing. These machines can be supplied both in CPD version (with cylinder pull down) and WPD version (with winch pull down). Additionally, the CH 450 drill rig is totally self-erecting and can be transported as one piece with the kelly mounted.

  CH 450 CH 650
Max torque 140.137 lbf-ft / 190 kNm 193,240 lfb-ft / 262 kNm
Drilling speed max 51 rpm max 40 rpm
Spin-off speed 125 rpm 106 rpm
Transport width 8’ 4 ½”, 2.55 m 9’ 10”, 3 m
Transport height 11’ 3’, 3.43 m  10’ 8” ¼, 3.225 m
Transport length 43’ 6” 3/4 , 13.28 m 53’ 3” ½, 16.24 m
Transport weight CPD 98,100 lbs / 44500 kg 126,650 lbs / 57,450 kg
Transport weight WPD 93,700 lbs, 42500 kg 130,000 lbs, 57450 kg

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Comacchio CH 450 Low Headroom (LHR)

The Comacchio CH 450 can be configured for construction of bored piles in low headroom conditions, featuring a short mast.

CH 450(LHR)
Max torque 19 kNm (140.137 lbf-ft)
Drilling speed max 51 rpm
Spin-off speed 125 rpm
Transport width 2550mm / 8’ 4 ½”
Transport height 3430 mm / 11’ 3’
Mast Height 33’ 1”
Kelly Drill Depth 57 ft.

CH 450 (LHR) Photo Gallery

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