Comacchio CH 300 Drill Rig

With a transport weight of less than 30 tons with the rotary head and Kelly bar installed, the CH 300 is the smallest model of the Comacchio CH range of large diameter piling rigs. The rig is fully self-erecting. Despite the lightweight design, the CH 300 offers great stability and a high torque output, allowing to undertake drilling tasks that would normally require the use of larger and heavier equipment. The CH 300 can be configured both for uncased and case d bored piles, up to a maximum depth of 48.5 m. The CH 300 can be converted to perform CFA drilling with augers of 800 mm maximum diameter and a maximum depth of 19 m. The CH 300 is equipped with the innovative HPE (High Power Efficiency) system, that allows to efficiently control the power provided by the pumps and reduce fuel consumption.

Rig Model CH 300
Diesel engine Cummins B4.5/ QSB4.5 (EU Stage V/EU Stage IIIA - US EPA Tier 4f / Tier 3)
Power rating 123 kW (165 HP)/2000 rpm
Max nominal torque 97,300 lbf*ft
Main Winch 26,980 lbs
Transport weight CPD 64,800 lbs
CPD (Cylinder Pull Down)  
Max pull up force 33,270 lbs
CFA (T4)  
Max pile diameter 2' 7"
Max pile depth 42' 8" + 19' 8" = 62' 4"

Comacchio CH 300

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