Comacchio CH 320 Drill Rig

With a transport weight of less than 32 tons with rotary and kelly bar installed and self-erecting capability, the CH 320 can be easily transported, unloaded and put into operation in just a few minutes without the need for any external equipment. Despite its compact and lightweight design, this piling rig offers high torque performance, allowing users to complete drilling tasks that would normally call for a bigger equipment. The CH 320 features a winch pull down system (WPD) that allows for a kelly set-up as well as a Quick-CFA configuration. It shines for completing drilled shafts with the use of casings in areas with soft soil or where water is present, using the rotary drive to install casings up to 880 mm in diameter. Thanks to the versatility of the WPD system, the CH 320 can be used for the construction of CFA piles (up to 800 mm diameter), of displacement piles and soil mixing treatments (up to 17.5 m deep), as well as for the installation of micropiles.

Rig Model CH 320
Diesel engine Cummins B4.5/ QSB4.5 (EU Stage V/EU Stage IIIA - US EPA Tier 4f / Tier 3)
Power rating 123 kW (165 HP)/2000 rpm
Max nominal torque 97,300 lbf*ft
Main Winch 26,980 lbs
Operating weight WPD 70,000 lbs
WPD (Winch Pull Down)  
Max pull up force 36,000 lbs
Max pile diameter 2’ 7”
Max pile depth 36’ 1” + 23‘ = 59’ 1”

comacchio ch 320 drill rig

Comacchio CH 320

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