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Hammer & Steel Reintroduces INTEROC Drilling Rigs at ADSC Equipment Expo

Hammer & Steel, Inc., headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, welcomed the chance to reintroduce the INTEROC line of tie-back machines by including the INTEROC model AN 150 in its outdoor exhibit at the recent ADSC Equipment Expo, March 14 - 17, 2012 in San Antonio, TX. Customer feedback to the drill rig and its unique capabilities was impressive.

Manufactured by the ABI GmbH, Niedernberg, Germany, the AN 150 is equipped with numerous unique capabilities including:

The feature that caught the eye of most of the end-users was the innovative design of the AN 150's rod changer system. This reliable rod changing system, model KBM 150, made an immediate impression on the curious operators and project managers who quickly appreciated the simplicity and intuitiveness of its patented design. Fabricated from aluminum, the rod changing system's magazine retains up to seven, 3 meter rods & casing of diameters between 152.4 mm - 101.6 mm. Casings and rods are "picked" from the stationary magazine by a hydraulically actuated arm that adeptly places them within the rig's drilling axis. The benefits of this efficient system were quite evident to the attendees who perform this work in the field day after day.

The Drilling Equipment Sales group at Hammer & Steel would enjoy the opportunity to answer any further questions about the INTEROC AN 150, its sister drilling rigs, AN 120 & AN 200 or work with you to economically solve any of your deep foundation concerns. Please call Mark Colvin at (800) 325-7453.

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