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Pre-Drilling for Sheet Pile

One common question we get at Hammer & Steel is whether or not one should pre-drill when driving steel sheet pile. Based on this, we have developed a list of conditions that may justify pre-drilling.

  • Ground conditions are hard enough to slow production or cause sheets to fan out.
  • Ground conditions are too hard for thin sheets and pre-drilling is cheaper than using thicker sheets.
  • Using a larger vibro hammer could drive the sheets in but may damage the interlocks or tear the top of the sheets.
  • Ground layers are sloped to the extent that sheets want to follow and not stay straight.

pre-drill sheet piles

If these conditions exist, pre-drilling around the interlocks can have many benefits:

The multi-purpose ABI Mobilram quickly changes from drill to pile presser and is the ideal piece of equipment for turning these benefits into cost savings for your company.

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