Mobilram Docking System

Mobilram Docking System with Auto-Recognition

The docking system for the Mobilram reduces the changing of attachments to a simple push of a button. This latest system offers significant improvement over the already fast Mobilram quick attachment system in the market. Where the old system took 30-45 minutes to change attachments, the new docking system takes no more that 3 minutes to swap them.

This time savings allows one rig to do many of the tasks that previously required 2 like drilling and driving in loose soils. Now, 1 rig can drill the holes, swap attachments, and vibrate the sheets in a timely manner utilizing only one crew.

The docking system is a rapid changing device consisting of a leader carriage on the Mobilram mast and a guided back plate on the attachment that hydraulically lock to each other. Guide elements and hydraulic line couplings are fitted to a floating support plate to merge into a coupling block. The electrical connection is done at the same time with the Automatic Identification System (AIS).

With AIS, the rig identifies the attachment and changes in the hydraulic oil flow to the docked attachment occur automatically ensuring correct oil supply which prevents damage or lack of performance.

With the new docking system, it is no longer possible to mix up hydraulic hoses or electrical cables. This system reduces the chances for accidents or injuries as no workers are needed in the change over process other than the operator sitting in the cab. The docking system also fulfills the request for environmental concerns by preventing hydraulic oil from escaping.

Hammer & Steel ABI Mobilram Dock System

Hammer & Steel ABI Mobilram Dock System

Hammer & Steel ABI Mobilram Dock System

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