Mobilram vs.Free Suspended Hammers

Why should you consider renting the ABI Mobilram over traditional free suspended hammers? The advantages are almost limitless.

With an ABI rig, you need half the personnel to do the job.


  • 1 operator
  • 1 pile buck (front end man)
  • 1 forklift operator to bring piles
  • Self lubricating hammer
  • Power pack on board the rig

Free Suspended

  • 1 crane operator
  • 2+ pile bucks (front end men)
  • 1 forklift operator to bring piles
  • 1 oiler for the crane
  • 1 power pack operator
  • (1 top man for whaling system)

The ABI Rig requires less personnel which makes the job safer and easier to coordinate as well as requiring less time to train new personnel.

Set up time and demobilization for the ABI rig is one hour vs. 8 hours or more for a crane.

Vibro Hammers

  • Higher frequency (2400 RPM) vs. 1200-1600 RPM results in less damage to surrounding structures and base rig.
  • High frequency with crowd force and better pile handling can increase production by 2 to 3 times.
  • Higher frequency liquefies material at the tip thereby lowering tip resistance in certain soils.
  • Frequency selection allows the hammer not to operate at certain frequencies preventing vibration damage at the soil's own frequency.
  • Counter balancing of the eccentrics provides for vibration free start-up and shut down.
  • C/W gear oil circulating pump and oil filter provide for longer equipment and oil life.
  • Narrow construction allows for the driving of single sheet piles.

Carrier & Mast

  • Telescopic mast allows for longer strokes, but still transports as a compact rig.
  • Mast crowd allows for driving sheets without a template.
  • Moves with ease under obstacles and in small confined spaces/job sites.
  • 180° slewing of mast allows operator to see the operation better and increases safety.
  • Trapezoid shape of mast attachment keeps mast in same alignment when raised/lowered for models 14/17 and higher.
  • Mobilram takes up less space than a crane, power pack, hoses, and free suspended hammer.
  • On board power pack does not have to be moved as sheet wall moves along.

Pre-Drilling Instead of Using a Hammer

  • Pre-drilling ability of the Mobilram allows for the installation of piles in ground that is unsuitable for vibration.
  • Pre-drilling is done with the same manpower and equipment + auger drive.
  • Pre-drilling prevents damage to sheets and gives them a longer life preventing damage penalties for rented sheets.
  • Pre-drilling drastically reduces the possibility of interlocks separation in hard driving conditions.

Additional Options & Features

  • Switching hammer and auger drive can be complete in approximately ½ hour with ABI's rapid changing device and mounting storage frames.
  • Different tools can be interchanged on site to allow for installation of piles in almost any ground condition.
  • Auger drives are available with hollow shaft and without gear box (radial Piston Motor).

Alignment of Pile

  • The crowding of the pile in a controlled manner along the mast keeps piles straight.
  • The operator can make quick, small, and easy adjustments using the mast cylinder to straighten the piles.
  • The mast acts as a guide fro the pile to follow.
  • Vertical arrangement of the eccentric weights puts all forces directly above the pile.
  • All piles are driven to grade as opposed to pitch and drive.

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