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Delmag RH 28 Drill Rig

The Delmag RH 28 Drill Rig is a standard-size full-service rig capable of drilling through difficult soil conditions. This multi-purpose machine can be used to install cased and non-cased piles, using a Kelly bar or CFA.


Delmag RH 28 Drill Rig  
Engine Power 443 h.p.
Working Pressure 4,785 p.s.i.
Hydraulic Pumps 2 @ 66 gal./min. | 1 @ 81 gal./min.
Line Pull (effective/nominal) 21 tn.f./26 tn.f.
Operating Weight (w/rotary, kelly) 216,000 lb.
Shipping weight (w/counterweight) 152,000 lb.
BT 120 Rotary  
Torque at 4,640 psi 0-212,417 lb. ft.
Revolutions 0-26 r.p.m.
Revolutions - spinoff 0-55 r.p.m.
Weight 16,755 lb.

Delmag RH 28 Drill Rig

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