DelmagRH 12 Drill Rig

Delmag Drill Rig

The Delmag RH 12 Drill Rig is a versatile rig that can be used to install cased and non-cased piles, using the Kelly method or in CFA mode. The drilling rig also ships less expensively and allows for shorter setup and breakdown times on the jobsite as the rotary head can ship with the machine during transport.  The RH 12 drill rig is available in a standard and short mast configuration, capable of drilling under a 26 ft. overhead restriction.


Delmag RH 12 Drill Rig  
Emission Standards US EPA Tier 4f
Engine Power 344 h.p.
Working Pressure 5,075 p.s.i.
Hydraulic Pumps 2 @ 52 gal./min. | 1 @ 39 gal./min.
Pull Force (effective/nominal) 10 tn.f./12.5 tn.f.
Operating Weight (w/rotary, kelly) 98,105 lb.
Shipping weight (w/counterweight, w/o kelly or rotary) 84,215 lb.
BT 120 Rotary  
Torque at 3,625 psi 0-99,570 lb. ft.
Revolutions 0-16 r.p.m.
Revolutions - spinoff 0-44 r.p.m.
Weight 7,715 lb.

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