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Case Foundation Saves Full Week Using Dawson HPH6500 On State Place Project Every project has its o

"A large diesel hammer would have provided sufficient energy to drive high capacity piles; however, control problems would have been encountered - especially with the widely varying densities in the subsurface conditions," explained the project manager, Dhooli Raj. "We selected a hydraulic hammer for this project to give our operators control over the driving energy when going from the upper fills at 30 to 80 blows/foot to the soft clay at less than 5 blows/foot."

Case Foundation used a Dawson HPH6500 in their fixed lead system. The 6500 is a very fast-hitting, double-acting hydraulic hammer delivering 80-120 blows per minute. With a rated energy of 47,000 ft-lbs, it is capable of driving high capacity piles to rock. Moreover, the output energy is infinitely adjustable, allowing the hammer performance to be fine-tuned to match the pile type and the soil conditions.

"We were very pleased with the Dawson," Raj commented. "The hammer performs consistently and averaged about 100 bpm during our project." By using the HPH6500, Case Foundation was able to drive straight through and get the production they needed.

"The combination of the Dawson's reliability and Hammer & Steel's support saved us a lot of time," stated Raj. "Hammer & Steel provided startup assistance and timely technical support," she recalled. "We finished work a week ahead of schedule, primarily because of the hammer."

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