Dawson Hydraulic Impact Hammers

The Dawson Double Acting Hydraulic Impact Hammers are the fastest pile hammers available. By delivering their full energy at 80 blows per minute, high production rates and productivity are maximized.

Each of the Dawson pile driving hammers can be used to drive a wide variety of piling sections from steel sheet piling to all types of bearing piles. The hammer systems offer excellent controllability to enhance safe operation and minimize piling damage.

Hammer & Steel Dawson Double Acting Hydraulic Impact Hammers

Double Acting Hydraulic Impact Hammer Specifications

Hammer HPH1800 HPH2400 HPH6500
Ram Weight (lbs) 3300 4189 10250
Impact Velocity (ft/s) 16.4 16.3 17.2
Max. Pile Energy (ft lbs) 13750 17360 47000
Min. Pile Energy (ft lbs) 7235 7074 18100
Blow Rate (bpm) 80-120 80-120 80-120
Length-Lead Mounted (in) 155 175 194
Driving Sheets (in) 199 208 257
Body Diameter (in) 18.5 20.5 29.5
Weight-Lead Mounted (lbs) 9350 13227 21000
-Driving Sheets (lbs) 9350 13227 32190
Power Pack HPH1800 HPH2400 HPH6500
Diesel Engine Power (hp) 67 90 170
Hydraulic System Pressure (psi) 3300 3300 3500
Oil Flow Rate (gpm) 28 40 67
Size (LxWxH) (in) 75x55x70 75x55x70 106x74x75
Weight (lbs) 4410 4410 7275

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