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Dawson Excavator Mounted Vibrating Pile Driver

Hammer & Steel Dawson Vibrating Pile DriversThe Dawson excavator mounted, vibrating pile driver is the perfect tool for driving relatively short piles in sands and gravels. Any experienced pile driver knows that driving relatively short piles using traditional methods is expensive and cumbersome. When you consider the costs to transport and configure cranes or other pile driving equipment along with the need for temporary guide frames or templates, there has to be a better way.

The solution is to grab hold of the pile head with a hydraulic clamp on the end of an excavator boom. This means you can horse the pile head around until it is exactly where you want it. You then need a vibrating pile driver between the boom head and the hydraulic clamp to provide linear vibrations which, in conjunction with the excavators crowd force will stuff the pile into almost any ground conditions. This is precisely what the vibrating pile driver does.

Of course, it can also pull the piles out with this tool and, if you run into obstructions, all you need to do is detach the "vibro", put the bucket back on, and hook it out.


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