ABI Mobilram TM 20

The ABI TM 20 is versatile member of the new generation of telescopic leader mast machines that utilizes the ‘H’-style kinematics. This machine combines many of the benefits of the smaller TM 17 while adding considerably more stroke to the mast.

Rig Model TM 20
Rig Features  
Sennebogen Carrier SR 35T
Engine, HP CAT, 639
Aux. Winch, Capacity yes, 5.6 ton
Vibratory Attachment MRZV 30 VV
Transport Weight w/o Counterweight 118,400 lb.
Operating Weight w/ std. Vibratory Attachment 160,750 lb.
Vibratory Attachment MRZV 30 VV
  w/SKZ 1800
Eccentric Moment 0 - 2,601 in. lb.
Max. Operating Speed 2600 cpm
Max. Driving Force 165 tns
ABI Mobilram TM 17

ABI Mobilram TM 20

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