ABI Mobilram TM 14/17V

The ABI MOBILRAM TM 14/17 V was specifically designed to minimize shipping weight, while maintaining high torque absorption and maximizing piling length for a midsize piling rig. This telescopic leader mast in what ABI terms the ‘box’ design is suitable for many common piling and drilling applications around the United States .

Rig Models TM 14/17V
Docking D4
Sennebogen Carrier SR 30 T
Engine, HP CAT C9.3B, 462
Aux. Winch, Capacity opt. 5.6 ton
Vibratory Attachment MRZV 20 VV
Transport Weight w/o Counterweight 93,940 lb
Counterweight Stackable base plate - 4,629 lb, 4 pcs stackable 5,400 lb ea
Operating Weight w/ std. Vibratory Attachment 30,000 lb
Vibratory Attachment MRZV 20VV
  w/SKZ 1120
Eccentric Moment 0 - 1,734 in. lb.
Max. Operating Speed 2600 cpm
Max. Driving Force 110 tns

ABI Mobilram TM 14/17 V

ABI Mobilram TM 14/17 V

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