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ABI Excavator Mounted Vibratory Pile Driver

Hammer & Steel, Inc. is proud to offer the innovative ABI excavator mounted vibratory drivers/extractors and excavator mounted hydraulic augers. These ABI attachments can be easily mounted to your excavator utilizing the existing hydraulic circuitry.

The model HVR vibratory drivers/extractors combine high frequency vibration and excavator crowd/retract forces to deliver impressive driving and extracting capabilities.

It also features very short starting and stopping times, high revolutions, small noise levels, and a low weight. Most importantly is its low design height. This advantage is highlighted when building under bridges or power lines as very little usable length is lost due to its small design height.

The add-on vibratory pile driver is used for piling and extracting sheet piles, trench sheet piles, steel beams and girders, pipes, casings, and full displacement sections.

Specifications HVR-45 HVR-60 HVR-85 HVR-100
Eccentric Moment (in. lbs.) 390 520 738 868
Frequency (rev. / min.) 2460 2460 2300 2135
Driving Force (tons) 34 45 55 56
Nom. Hydraulic Pressure (p.s.i.) 4640 4640 4640 4640
Nom. Hydraulic Flow Rate (gal. / min.) 35 52 65 82
Req. Power at Driver/Extractor (h.p.) 94 134 174 228
Req. Power at Excavator (h.p.) 100-175 130-235 175-300 235-300
Operating Weight (lbs.) 2460 2780 4530 4590
Operating Height (in.) 58 62 72 72
Shipping Weight (lbs.) 2600 2960 5010 5070

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