SPD PM 85 Steel Pile Driving Technology

The SPD PM 85 piling rig is a premier tool for small h-pile, wide flange beam and pipe impact work, particularly in regards to solar pile. Engineered and manufactured in Sweden, the unit is then mounted on a Volvo ECR 88 excavator here in the United States to ensure quality production throughout the entire assembly. A powerful hammer is mounted on the mast with up to 28' of stroke, and an optional rotary for predrilling is also available. The unit ships on one truck 14.33 tons, making it an easy legal haul for long-distance moves.

Excavator Volvo ECR 88
Mast Length 35'
Usable Stroke 26'
Hammer Model SPD 1000
Optional Rotary Eurodrill RH 4X
Transport Weight 14.33 Tons

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