ScheltzkeGrout Mixing and Pumping Equipment

Scheltzke Grout Plant Distributor Hammer & SteelSTS Scheltzke is a specialist manufacturer of equipment for civil engineering in the areas of grout mixing/pumping. Common applications for this equipment include soil nails, tie-backs, soil mixing, jet grouting, grout compaction, vertical tie downs and injection grouting.

STS has been developing and producing grout plants with up to 45 different variations to service a wide variety of needs in the marketplace. The president of STS., Mr. Scheltzke has been in the grout plant industry for over 20 years and has incorporated many innovative ideas into the design of the systems. The grout plants are very compact, can be fully automatic and have many useful features making service and maintenance easy. The result is a very economic grout plant that ties in with existing equipment with options such as remote controls, data logging, auto feed and mix, built in pressure washers, screw feeds for cement, load cells to weigh cement, and diesel over hydraulic power for reliability and easy maintenance.

Hammer & Steel is pleased to offer this latest technology to our customers, with our usual support including trained mechanics and ample spare parts.

Scheltzke Equipment

MPS 110

MPS 510


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