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Müller MS-35 H3 Vibratory Hammers

Muller MC 35 HS Vibratory HammerHammer & Steel sells, rents, and services German made Müller H-Series vibratory hammer equipment.

The Müller H-Series vibratory hammers with fixed moment of force are reliable, straightforward, and robust machines that are ideal for high power density in medium driveability soils.

MS-35 H3 Vibratory Hammer
Centrifugal force - F (max.) (kN) 834 (tn) 94
Eccentric moment - M stat (kgm) 32.5 (in lb) 2,820
Speed - n (max.) (rpm) 1530  
Frequency - f (max.) (Hz) 25.5 (rpm) 1,530
Pulling force - F pull (max.) (kN) 400 (tn) 45
Weight (dynamic) (kg) 2660 (lb) 5,865
Weight (total) (kg) 3600 (lb) 7,940
Amplitude (mm) 24.4 (in) 0.096
Displacement - Q Motor (max.) (l/min) 463/386 (gal/min) 122/102
Pressure - p (max.) (bar) 350 (psi) 5,075
Power consumption - p (max.) (kW) - 270/228 (hp) - 362/305
Length L (mm) 2250 (in) 89
Width B (mm) 777 (in) 31
Height H (mm) 1745 (in) 69
Throat T (mm) 402 (in) 16
Power pack Type MS-A 260
Single clamping device Type MS-U 100
Single clamping device alternative Type MS-U 150
Double clamping device Type MS-U 2x54
Double clamping device alternative Type MS-U 2x 90/100

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Our service and support staff, located in seven regional offices throughout North America, will analyze the details of your requirements to ensure we have the right equipment for your job. We sell, rent, and service high quality equipment from all around the world, including pile drivers, drilling rigs, impact hammers, pile products, and much more.

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