MüllerMS-28 HFV Vibratory Hammers

Hammer & Steel sells, rents, and services German made Müller HFV-Series vibratory hammer equipment.

The Müller HFV-Series vibratory hammers ensure maximum performance for minimum ground vibration. This MS 28 vibratory hammer is ideal to use in areas that are sensitive to vibration and good for inner-city civil engineering projects.

Centrifugal force - F (max.) (kN) 1473 (tn) 166
Eccentric moment - M stat (variable) (kgm) 0-28 (in) 2,430
Speed - n (max.) (rpm) 2190  
Frequency - f (max.) (Hz) 36.5 (rpm) 2,190
Pulling force - F pull (max.) (kN) 500 (tn) 56
Weight (dynamic) (kg) 3120 (lb) 6,880
Weight (total) (kg) 5320 (lb) 11,730
Amplitude (mm) 18.0 (in) 0.70
Displacement - Q Motor (max.) (l/min) 734/880 (gal/min) 194/232
Pressure - p (max.) (bar) 350 (psi) 5.075
Power consumption - p (max.) (kW) 428/514 (hp) 574/689
Length L (mm) 1920 (in) 76
Width B (mm) 893 (in) 36
Height H (mm) 2240 (in) 89
Throat T (mm) 451 (in) 18
Power pack Type MS-A 420/570∗
Single clamping device Type MS-U 180
Singlel clamping device alternative Type MS-U
Double clamping device Type MS-U 2x90
Double clamping device alternative Type MS-U 2x100

∗ Combination for increased performance

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