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Junttan Multi-Purpose Piling Rigs

Junttan Multi-Purpose Piling RigsJunttan multi-purpose piling rigs are designed to operate in a wide variety of piling applications. Just one well-designed rig can install driven as well as different types of bored piles. Each model of machine can be considered unique, however, as it will have its own special features and characteristics, and be designed to your specifications and requirements.

Like Junttan's pile driving rigs, these multi-purpose rigs feature easy transportability from one job site to another, exceptional stability, operational safety, and high productivity as well as being friendly to the environment.

Junttan Multi-Purpose Piling Rig PM 26 The PM 26 is a multi-purpose piling rig for heavy-duty work, but it is still on of the lightest and most efficient in its category. The rig can be filtered with pile driving. CFA, cast-in-situ or large diameter piling equipment. The recommended hammer ram weight is from 6,000 to 12,000 kg (13,200 to 26,000 lbs) and the maximum pile length is 25 meters (81 ft). The maximum torque is 400 kNm.
 Junttan Mulit-Purpose Piling Rig PM 28 The PM 28 is a multi-purpose pile drilling rig for heavy-duty work. It can be fitted with CFA, cast-in-situ or large diameter piling equipment. The maximum torque is 400 kNm.

To download a brochure on any of the Junttan Multi-Purpose Piling Rigs, please visit our Brochure Downloads page.

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