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Junttan Pile Driving Rigs

Hammer and Steel Junttan Pile Driving RigsDeveloped in close cooperation with contractors and users, Junttan pile driving rigs are the result of years of practical experience. The high efficiency, common-sense design and strict adherence to quality of build translate to top performance and reliability on the job.

Junttan piling driving rigs can be transported without special arrangements and in one piece, thanks to their small transport dimensions. The low center of gravity, expandable tracks and movable counterweight ensure excellent rig stability allowing greater leader inclinations for raked piling. When equipped with suitable accessories, Junttan pile driving rigs can also be used to install pre-drilled and driven as well as driven cast-in-situ piles.

Strict attention has been paid not only to efficient operation of the rig, but also to the safety and comfort of the operator and to ease of service and maintenance. Junttan pile driving rigs are also friendly to the environment as they generate less noise and reduce vibration and harmful emissions.

Technical Features

  • Telescopic leader
  • Expandable tracks
  • Center of gravity
  • Low transportation height and weight
  • Horizontal movement of the leader
  • Horizontal movement of the counter weight
  • Powerful engine
  • Hydraulic system adaptable to different equipment, e.g. hammer, rotary head, vibrator
  • Powerful winches

Junttan PM 16 Piling Rigs Junttan PM 16

This compact and agile Junttan piling rig has the same proven features as the heavier Junttan machines.

Junttan PM 20 Piling Rigs Junttan PM 20

The Junttan PM 20 piling rig is compact and good for pile driving timber, concrete, and steel piles, and its rugged design makes it a safe and reliable rig even in the most demanding work conditions.

Junttan PM 22 Pile Driving Rig Junttan PM 22

This compact pile driving rig is used for driving timber, steel and concrete piles. This rugged and durable equipment has a bigger maximum capacity for pile and hammer load, and a wider leader reach than its smaller brother PM 20.

Junttan PM 23 Piling Rigs Junttan PM 23

The PM 23 is a special piling rig designed for job sites where a long leader reach is needed. It is an ideal rig for bridge, port and railroad worksites.

Junttan PM 24 Pile Driving Rigs Junttan PM 24

The Junttan PM 24 compact pile driving rig is used for driving concrete and steel piles, and timber. It has a higher maximum leader capacity for pile and hammer load and more powerful leader control than its smaller brother PM 22.

Junttan PM 25 Piling Rigs Junttan PM 25

Junttan PM 25 opens an entirely new era in piling. Based on the unsurpassed features, Junttan piling rigs have become famous for efficiently combining modern manufacturing technologies and materials for further enhanced reliability, versatility and performance.

Junttan PM 26 Pile Driving Rig Junttan PM 26

The PM 26 is a multi-purpose piling rig for heavy-duty work, but it is still on of the lightest and most efficient in its category. The rig can be filtered with pile driving. CFA, cast-in-situ or large diameter piling equipment.

Junttan PM 27 Pile Driving Rig Junttan PM 27

This medium weight pile driving rig is designed for driving steel and concrete piles. This PM 27 Junttan rig is the second largest pile driving rig with telescopic leader for extremely efficient and powerful heavy duty use.

Junttan PM 28 Pile Driving Rig Junttan PM 28

The PM 28 pile driving rig is a medium weight rig designed for driving concrete and steel piles. This rig is Junttan's biggest piling rig with telescopic leader for extremely efficient and more powerful heavy duty use.

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