Hartfuss Augers

Designed to handle the most difficult drilling conditions, Hartfuss Augers are the evolution of years of drilling experience. Hammer & Steel is proud to sell and rent a wide variety of Hartfuss augers.

P-RSM Series - Progressive Type Rock Drilling Augers

Hammer & Steel Hartfuss-P Series Augers, Hartfuss-P Series Augers, Hartfuss-P Series AugerThese full surface cutting tools are designed to be used in compact rock.


  • High Drilling Capacity - Optimized cutting geometry yields fast drilling rates.
  • Low Maintenance - Replaceable composite armored strips are highly wear resistant while the special setting angle allows the TC round shank bits to sharpen themselves as they turn.
  • High Operational Reliability - Quality and design that comes with 5 decades of experience in the design and production of drilling tools.
  • EuroTest (ET) Compliant

ZG-RSM Series - Rock Drilling Augers

Rock Drilling Augers - Hartfuss Augers, Rock Drilling Augers, Rock Drilling Auger, Auger for rock drillingThese augers feature a double cutting edge and are equipped with round shank bits for use in shelf rock and solid rock of medium hardness.

Like the P-RSM series augers, these drilling tools feature very high drilling capacity and resistance to wear. The round shank bits are inserted into the face of a high tensile steel cutting strip and sharpen themselves as they turn.

This auger is designed for the high torques used in modern drilling rigs and is EuroTest certified.

G-RSM Series - Drilling Bucket

Hartfuss Augers Drilling Bucket From Hammer & Steel, Augers Drilling Buckets, Augers Drilling BucketThis multi-purpose drilling bucket is equipped with round shank bits with the cutting strip under the swivel bottom for high drilling capacity and long wear. Most drilling buckets are used to completely remove all soil, rock, and water from a hole as many US inspectors require holes with clean bottoms before concrete can be poured for the caisson. The are typically used to drill holes for the foundations of large buildings and bridges.

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