Dawson Strong Shoes

Hammer & Steel Dawson Strong ShoesModern sheet piles are designed to give the best section modules for the minimum steel content, yet remain driveable. This is definitely a compromise. For instance, a retaining wall or cofferdam design may give a required modulus, but is each particular section capable of being driven into the ground without buckling or loss of profile.

Section modulus is an exact mathematical calculation based on the geometry of the pile. If the geometry changes during driving - so does the section modulus.

Strong Shoe

The Dawson Strong Shoe is a special "arrowhead" profile formed to the shape of any type of steel pile. When welded onto the leading edge of the pile, the shoe will:

  • Reinforce the pile toe, increasing its resistance to buckling and help maintain its profile shape.
  • Reduce skin friction in certain ground conditions.
  • Improve the end bearing for load bearing piles.

Jet Shoe

The shoe has ducts for pressure jetting in certain types of ground conditions.

All Dawson shoes are manufactured in high yield steel and are supplied ready for welding, pre-formed to suit most pile sections.

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