Dawson Sheet Pile Threaders

The Dawson Sheet Piling Threaders are a perfect example of innovative design that provides greater safety and productivity. The Threader Assemblies enable the quick and safe interlocking of sheet piling sections without the use of a "Top Man", even in moderate to strong wind conditions. The original Threader design utilizes varying roller sets to match the selected piling section. The just introduced Universal Sheet Piling Threader can be field adjusted to permit threading pairs or singles of any piling section.

Standard Sheet Pile Threader

Hammer & Steel Dawson Standard Sheet Pile ThreaderThe standard SPT main body is cast from Aluminum alloy and heat treated to produce an incredibly lightweight high strength product. In more extreme applications, a low alloy cast steel version is also available that is useful when working with long pairs of wide section sheet piles like AZ36 sheet piles. The standard threader was designed to be manhandled and readily operated by typical site personnel.

The product is supplied with full operating instructions together with its own servicing tool kit.

Universal Sheet Pile Threader

Hammer & Steel Dawson Universal Sheet Pile ThreaderThe Universal SPT is also crafted primarily from aluminum alloys and stainless steel with appropriate heat treatments that produce an incredibly lightweight, high strength product. As a convenient part of its functionality, the unit splits into two pieces so the threader can be manhandled and readily operated by typical site personnel.

The product is supplied in its own aluminum storage/transportation case complete with adjustment tools, operator manual and instructional CD-ROM.

The unit can be adjusted to suit whatever pile section is being used on the job site without the need for additional items. The standard SPT requires a different set of guide rollers for each pile section. In addition this enables the Universal SPT to better accommodate variations in sheet pile production rolling tolerances by making on the job adjustments.

When threading single piles the Universal SPT will readily switch from threading left hand to right hand thanks to its unique two piece design. This means that only one unit is required on the job site. The standard SPT requires two units for fast threading of single sheet piles - one set left and the other right hand.

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