Dawson Auger Cleaner

Hammer & Steel Dawson Auger Cleaners dawson-auger1 dawson-auger3Spoil removal from continuous flight augers during the drilling and grouting process is essential to ensure maximum productivity, safe working practices and compliance with construction laws in many areas. By removing it at the lowest possible level you can prevent rig instability and reduce dangers associated with falling debris.

The Dawson Auger Cleaner is a hydraulically operated cleaner that consists of a hydraulic drive motor and a reduction gear box driving a large diameter bearing onto which is mounted a quick change shell to suit the auger diameter and pitch being used. The auger flight passes through the shell where the spoil is removed by hydraulic power.

How it Works

As the auger is being withdrawn from the ground during the concrete injection, the cleaner shell is hydraulically powered down the auger flight removing spoil by means of a helical blade guided by a roller inside the shell.

A free-wheel valve enables the cleaner to be activated briefly during drilling to back the cleaner up the flight. This means there is no continuous power requirement during drilling allowing the total available hydraulic power to be used where it is needed the drill!

The cleaner gears and drives are fully enclosed and sealed to prevent the ingress of contamination, retain lubricants and protect against the potential hazard to personnel.


  • Removes spoil at low level to prevent rig instability so no unscheduled horizontal drilling is required.
  • Reduces danger and damage from falling debris by removing spoil at low level.
  • Reduces costs as the fast, powerful, and productive unit equates to 25 men with shovels.
  • The flexible cleaner can be readily adapted to a variety of different auger diameters and pitches using interchangeable shells.

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