ABI Mobilram Multi-Purpose Rig

With over 35 years of proven history and 2,000 units operational worldwide, the ABI Mobilram has revolutionized the foundation and shoring construction industries. This highly mobile and multi-purpose rig is designed for drilling, vibrating, impacting, and pressing piles efficiently and cost-effectively.


The telescopic leader mast is the key component on the Mobilram system which guides attachments for both common and specialized pile driving, extracting, augering, soil mixing, and static pressing operations. These telescoping masts provide crowd/retract forces from piling lengths up to 72 feet.

High Mobility

In transport configuration the telescopic leader mast is completely contracted to its minimum length. Bigger units come with carriers featuring an extendable under carriage for great on site stability and compact transport dimensions. The ABI Mobilram is a true self-propelled and compact one-load transporting unit.


Hydraulically removable counterweights and extendable tracks are offered as options on the high tech Sennebogen carriers providing up to 800 HP for operation of powerful driving and drilling tools. The vibratory drivers/extractors provide up to 157 tons driving force with high frequency/ variable moment features that allow for pile installation and removal with minimal disturbance to surrounding soils and structures.

Low Set Up Times

The time required to set up an ABI Mobilram is typically less than 30 minutes and bringing it back to transport configuration does not take much longer. It is done in a one step operation and all of the attachments are connected and disconnected quickly and safely by the docking system or the traditional rapid changing device.


Computerized controls include automated alignment of the telescoping mast for accurate placement/removal of piles. This rugged and dependable rig is ideal for installing solar panel piles and pipe in tough soil conditions.


The ABI Mobilram system safely, easily and quickly picks piles from the stack on the ground and hoists them to the vertical position perfectly placed for clamping by the vibro.


Mobilram attachments include vibratory driver/extractors, vertical boring heads for pre-drilling/soil relieving/auger-cast piles, diesel hammers, double auger head drives for installation of secant piles and silent piling/hydro-press system.

Telescopic Leader Mast

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