Sheet Pile Pushers

The practice of pushing or pressing sheet piles instead of vibrating them has become very common in applications where keeping ground and noise disturbance to a minimum is required. In fact, many projects near computer centers, historical buildings, hospitals, or schools require the use of a vibration-free method for installing sheet pile.

The ABI Mobilram multipurpose rig with "Z" Pile Pusher Attachment provides an excellent alternative to a vibratory pile driver. It is suitable for the static pressing and extracting of cold rolled interlock steel sheet piles as well as hot rolled U and Z steel sheet piles in different system widths. Depending upon the geological situation, high daily production rates can typically be achieved and the system is a genuine alternative to the Soldier Beam Wall with H-beams, particularly if a high ground-water level represents a problem.

Key Features

Mast adjustment cylinders allow for the straight and accurate placement of sheets.

Easy to Use
Remote control box and slewing of the mast up to 180° lets the cab operator see his work.

Each cylinder produces up to a load of 170,000 pounds of force and by reading the gauges, it is possible to determine the static load on the sheets.

Environmentally Friendly
Quiet, vibration free, and does not disturb the soil.

Pushes 4 Z-sheets at a time and requires only one pile buck and an operator.

All sheet can be threaded at waist level.

Sheet Pile Pusher

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