Multi-Purpose Piling Rigs & Pile Driving Rigs

Dedicated piling rigs offer increased productivity and versatility while requiring a smaller crew to operate than crane operated hammers or vibrators. Hammer & Steel features the two finest European engineered brands in our fleet all of which are available for daily, weekly, or monthly rental.

Hammer and Steel ABI Mobilram Piling Rig ABI Mobilram
The Mobilram is a multi-purpose piling rig designed for drilling, vibrating, impacting, and pressing piles. High mobility and low set up times coupled with accuracy, power, and speed make this one of the most cost effective pieces of equipment in the industry. The Mobilram's attachments, which include vibratory driver/extractors, vertical boring heads for pre-drilling/soil relieving/auger-cast piles, diesel hammers, double auger head drives for installation of secant piles and silent piling/hydro-press system make it an extremely flexible, versatile machine for your job.
Hammer and Steel Junttan Pile Driving Rigs Junttan Pile Driving Rigs
Developed in close cooperation with contractors and users, Junttan pile driving rigs are the result of years of practical experience. The high efficiency, common-sense design combine high quality and easy of transportation to make these rigs an ideal choice for foundation contractors across the globe.
Hammer and Steel Multi-Purpose Piling Rigs Junttan Multi-Purpose Piling Rigs
Junttan multi-purpose piling rigs are designed to operate in a wide variety of piling applications. Just one well-designed rig can install driven as well as different types of bored piles and each rig features easy transportability from one job site to another, exceptional stability, operational safety, and high productivity as well as being friendly to the environment.