Low Headroom Drill Rigs

Hammer & Steel sells and leases the industry's most respected lines of low headroom drill rig equipment including ABI, Delmag, and SoilTek.

Hammer & Steel ABI Geodrill ABI GeoDrill
The GeoDrill™ drilling attachment is the newest, high-tech design by ABI - Germany.

The GeoDrill is a versatile drilling tool used at many job sites including those with limited access, low-headroom conditions, and long-or high-reach requirements.
Hammer & Steel Delmag Drill Rigs Delmag Drill Rig
The Delmag RH 12 is compact and has a strong design combined with powerful and durable components such as high-torque rotary heads and heavy duty winches. Delmag drilling rigs are designed for hard drilling conditions and large diameter applications.
Hammer & Steel Soiltek Drilling Rigs S60 SoilTek S60
SoilTek drilling rigs offer solutions to all requirements in the drilling and small diameter piling fields, including restricted access work.